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A Message From Our Pastor

Thank you for visiting the website for the Elk Grove Presbyterian Church!  Hopefully this site will give you enough information and interest to join us in worship on Sunday!

Our community of faith has been sharing the Gospel of Christ for fifty years and we are just as excited about the Good News now as when the church was first formed!

We are a small congregation of about 75 members of all ages.  Our worship services are traditional with periodic (and sometimes humorous) surprises along the way.  We are small enough to truly care about one another and enjoy the blessings of new people coming our way.  We are large enough to enjoy a diversity of beliefs and challenge ourselves to be open and grow from one another.

If as you make your way through this website, you have a sense that God is calling you to visit us, please know you will be welcomed as a beloved child of God!

In His Steps,

Rev. Lynne E. Savidis

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Welcome on this fifth Sunday in Lent!  We praise God for his righteous Son, who perfectly kept all of the God’s commandments for us and paid the full price of our disobedience.. Let us praise him with hearts filled with Christ’s spirit of obedience.


The service for Sundays during Lent is more restrained and somber than the other seasons of the year, and yet it is still the Lord’s Day service, a witness not only to the Lord’s passion and death, but also to His victory over sin and death.  Still hymns and anthems containing “alleluia” are traditionally not sung as often during this Holy Season.  During Lent it is also common to forego the singing of the Gloria Patri and to replace it with a response that is more penitent.  As such, we will sing the third verse of “O Sacred Head Now Wounded” as our response to the Prayer of Confession for the next few weeks.  Let us continue our Lenten journey together.


I will put my law in their minds AND write it on their hearts.    Jeremiah 31:33

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Join us for Sunday worship service on Sunday March 18th at 10:15am

This week’s message by the Rev. Lynne Savidis   “The Writing on Your Heart”



          Lectionary Readings for Sunday March 18, 2018

                 Jer. 31: 31-34              Psalm 51: 1-12 or Psalm 119: 9-16

                 Heb. 5: 5-10               John 12: 20-33






Sunday School in session during Sunday morning service!!                                       







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For those seeking God’s blessing, comfort and love, all are welcome. Our church is an open church. We consider diversity to be God’s gift and blessing. Believe GOD LOVES YOU and so we invite you to join us in becoming part of one very special family……..

The Family of Elk Grove Presbyterian Church!



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