History Of Our Church

In The Beginning…

In early 1963 Presbyterian families living in Elk Grove Village were contacted by the Chicago Presbytery regarding the formation of a Presbyterian Church.

The first meeting was held at the Ridge Elementary school in the early spring of 1963.

At this meeting, and the subsequent ones to follow, we were given to self-expression of each family represented. These meetings were most refreshing.

Some of our early organizational meetings were held in the Community Center which was a rehabilitated building commonly referred to as “The Barn”, and was located approximately 200 yards north of our present site.  Little did we know at that time that our church would be so close to this initial meeting place.

We held our first morning church service on Palm Sunday, 1963, at Grove Junior High School.  Prior to that, several evening services were held at Grove Junior High School.

The Rev. Robert Long, who was serving as an assistant minister at the 1st Presbyterian Church in Ft. Wayne, Indiana was installed as the first official minister of the Elk Grove United Presbyterian Church in June 1963.

We were officially organized as a church on Sunday, December 8, 1963 with 65 members.

The church continued to grow under Rev. Long’s leadership. He resigned in September, 1968 to accept a position at the McCormick Seminary.

Rev. Gerald Krohn, a retired minister, agreed to serve as an interim minister.

The Pulpit Committee recommended Rev. Henry Warkentin of Rock Island to fill the vacancy. Rev. Warkentin accepted the congregation’s call on April 27, 1969, and then became the second minister of the Elk Grove United Presbyterian Church.

After several years of diligent study and work, the congregation employed the firm of Sunshine, Jaeger & Kupritz to design and eventually construct our edifice. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on Sunday, November 22, 1970. The laying of the cornerstone took place on Sunday, October 17, 1971.

The first service in our new building was held on Sunday, November 28, 1971. We continue to worship in this building at the corner of Tonne & Elk Grove Boulevard today.

Pastoral History

December 8, 1963 – September 24, 1968 – Rev. Robert G. Long, Organizing Minister

September 24, 1968 – June 28, 1969 – Rev. Gerald Krohn, Pulpit Supply

June 29, 1969 – August 3, 1982 – Rev. Henry Warkentin

February 13, 1983 – October 16, 1983 – Rev. Dr. Don Chatfield, Interim Pastor

December 4, 1983 – May 22, 1988 – Rev. Lance G. Clenard, Pastor

September 1988 – September 1991 – Rev. Dr. Don Chatfield, Interim Pastor

November 24, 1991 – August 31, 2002 – Rev. Angela Schenck, Pastor

October 28, 2002 – October 28, 2018 – Rev. Lynne E. Savidis – Stated Supply

January 7, 2019- present- Rev. Barbara Gorsky- Stated Supply




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