Reverend Lynne’s Corner

Tidings from Lynne

As we gather in church this Sunday morning, Michael and I will be filled with a variety of emotions based on so many memories made with you over the last sixteen years.  We thank you for allowing us to become a part of the EGPC family and I thank you for allowing me the honor of being your shepherd through these years.

On Sunday we will take some time to remember some of what we have been about on this journey together.  Hopefully we will laugh together, and I am sure some of us will shed some tears together.  Through all the ups and downs, Michael and I look back over the years and realize we have indeed been blessed to be amongst you. With both of us having come most recently from a very large church, these years with you in the small church family setting have helped us know all the more what a church family can be.

We thank you for allowing us in to your lives in both the difficult times and the joyful times.  We will remember them and we will remember you as we go forward on our next adventure in life.  Our thoughts and prayers will be with each of you as you also go forward in life.

Remember change happens, it is inevitable.  As you and EGPC go through various changes, may you always hold one another up in prayer; may you continue to care deeply for each of your brothers and sisters in the congregation; may you respect the various decisions made by the members of the church; and may you allow your discernment to be guided by God that your decisions may glorify God.  God bless each and every one of you from this day forward.

May we all strive towards following In His Steps,

(Rev.) Lynne