Reverend Lynne’s Corner

“Not So Ordinary Time!”

 Having celebrated Pentecost this past Sunday, we now enter the second period in the liturgical year known as Ordinary Time.  The first period of Ordinary Time begins on the Day of Epiphany in January, and concludes on the day before Ash Wednesday.  The second period of Ordinary Time begins the day after Pentecost, and ends on the Saturday before the first Sunday in Advent.  These two seasons are known as Ordinary Time because the Sundays within them are numbered as in the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time etc. The liturgical color for Ordinary Time is green and so you will see green cloths, or paraments, on the communion table.

There is nothing ordinary about Ordinary Time, other than there are no major holy days for which we prepare ourselves for a lengthy period of time such as Advent or Lent.  The work of Jesus and his followers throughout the years can never be ordinary, for our Lord and Savior is anything but ordinary!  We will spend much of our time in the next several months looking into the teachings of Jesus, as we constantly strive to learn more about Jesus and the Christian Life.  I pray you will join me in our ongoing, not so ordinary journey with Christ!

In His Steps,

Rev. Lynne