Reverend Lynne’s Corner

Covenant of Expectations

 For a lengthy period of time and for various reasons, many churches and/or denominations have had a “contract” that is to be signed by a departing pastor, the church, and /or a denominational representative.  It is, in fact, a requirement of the Chicago Presbytery. I am including a copy of the covenant with this newsletter so you can see exactly what it says and what it does not say.  Signing and abiding by the covenant allows a congregation to begin to connect with the next pastor without interference from the departing pastor.  The departing pastor needs to stay within the boundaries of this agreement, as does the congregation.  If you have questions, please ask me.

As I glance at the covenant sitting beside me, it brings home all the more the limited time I still have to be with you.  We all have much to do as we attempt to make as smooth a transition as possible, including preparing to seek out any needed pulpit supply, preparing for the change itself, preparing for a stewardship drive, advent, nominating of elders, and just celebrating our time together.  May all of it and all of us glorify God through these days ahead.

In His Steps,

(Rev) Lynne