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On December 2nd immediately after our worship service, the Elk Grove Village Mayor, Craig Johnson, will be giving us a presentation on the Village Care Program.  Elk Grove Village has launched a comprehensive and first-of-its kind approach to take on this national epidemic of opioid addiction.  It is a wonderful program and it should be a very interesting presentation.


The worship committee had a meeting on Oct 7.  Suggestions were brought up to the committee to not get a stated supply pastor for the Sunday of the Cantata, Dec 16th and replacing the sermon with the Christmas Play on 12/23.

We discussed the suggestions and everyone approved the motions to have no pastor on the week of Dec 16th and 23rd but to replace the sermons with the cantata and Christmas play.  The rest of the service would remain the same with the worship leader doing the readings and the liturgy.

On Oct 13-14 an e-mail and personal vote was had to move communion from the 1st Sunday of the month, Nov 4, to the second Sunday, Nov 11. All approved.

Motions were made at the session meeting regarding the three votes which were approved.

The sub-committee of the session to find pastors for Nov and Dec has done a wonderful job.  See below for a list of pastors each Sunday.

Nov 4     Rev Garnett E. Foster

Nov 11   Rev Beth Collier with communion

Nov 18   Rev Magdalena Garcia

Nov 25   Rev Dianne Shields

Dec 2     Rev David Ezekiel with communion, after worship Mayor Johnson speaks about Cares Program

Dec 9     Rev Beth Collier

Dec 16   Cantata

Dec 23   Christmas Play

Dec 24   Rev Dianne Shields with communion

Dec 30   Rev. Colin Eversmann

Judy Hockenberry, the Associate Pastor from Arlington Heights, First, is our moderator for session

Julie Peterson, Pastor at Hoffman Estates is our committee on Ministry representative.


2018 Christmas Cantata

 The choir has begun work on our Christmas Cantata for this year.  The title will be “Tell the News.”  Sounds like a hint of evangelism?  The “committee” has decided to compose our own again this year.  There are already some brave souls that are going to sing with us this year.  We can ALWAYS make room for more.  The songs have been chosen, the narration is nearly complete and it should be fun and, hopefully, inspirational. We will be presenting “Tell the News” on December 16th.

There is still time to join us.  The rehearsals are on Thursday evenings at 8:00. The choir banner reads “Every time we sing we pray twice.”  Ask any member of the choir if that is true and they will tell you that it really warms our hearts.  We would be happy to share.

It is that fun time of year again.   The Christmas Play time.

This year we are trying something different and having the Christmas Play during church.  It will then be followed by the yummy potluck.  The name of the play is “A Christmas to Believe In”. It is a wonderful story with Christmas songs we all love.

And this year we will have opportunities for anyone interested in being part of the play, that includes on stage and from the pews.  It should be lots of fun.  Let us know by 10/28 if you are interested so we can include you in the planning.

The rehearsal dates are:

11/4      12-1:30

11/11    12-1:30

11/18    12-1:30

12/2      12-1:30

12/9      12-1:30

12/16    Dress Rehearsal 1:30-3:00

Christmas Play 12/23, 10:15 during church with Potluck afterwards


Ruling Elder Nominations

All of us to various degrees are feeling the stress of Lynne’s leaving and the impact it is having on the church and its members. The unknown is always frightening. What can be done to help alleviate some of that fear, is to have Elders in place so that the transition will be a little smoother.

Our nominating committee consists of the following:

Acting Session Members:

Sandy Doerr and Kathy Lopez

Congregation Members:

Barb Britton, Betsy Curtin, George Lopez and Carol Ortner.

There are six positions on session that need to be filled.  Nomination Forms will be in the bulletins beginning Sunday, October 28th continuing through, Sunday, November 25th.

I know, for some of us, filling out the form just meant filling in a name and hoping that person would agree to serve. Please don’t do that! Read the nomination form and carefully ponder what is being asked of you. Then, and only then begin the process. First, approach your choice for a candidate and ask her or him if they would be willing to serve. If they agree, fill in the form. As always, Elders serving this church must be a member.

We are also working on putting together a Congregational Meeting for some time in December.

Several dates have been approved by session; next step is to contact Judy Hockenberry, the Associate Pastor from Arlington and our Moderator for Session and ask if she would be available on any of those dates.  If not, she will act as our contact with Presbytery to help us find someone. A notice of two weeks will be given to the congregation prior to the meeting.

We have no intentions of sugar coating this. The church is at a cross road and it needs your help in order to continue. Yes, we know how easy it is to say, “let someone else do it,” the reasons, many.

So, prayerfully consider taking on the role of a Ruling Elder yourself.


Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Butterbraid Mission to raise money for Ashton and her family.  Orders will be taken through October 28th, and the order form is on the wall near the Missions board.  The Butternbraids are $14 each and checks can be made out to the church and should be given to Eve Muir-Wilson.  You can also make a direct donation to Ashton’s fund if you do not want to order any Butterbraids.  Please write “Ashton” on your donation and place it in the offering trays or give it to Eve.

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