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Pastoral Care

Please continue to surround Bob Miezio and family in your prayers as we mourn the loss and celebrate the life of our dear Connie.  Continued visits and cards are also appreciated as Marge Frens remains at ManorCare – personal contact and love is always great medicine!  Take a look at our “In Memory” book.  We have added a page honoring Marshall Loftus.  “So as those who have been chosen by God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”  Colossians 3:12


I would like to thank committee members, Barb Britton, Kay Pollack and Melodee Russow for meeting me at the church on Saturday, June 10 for our annual Kitchen, Fridge and Closet cleaning. Thanks to all of you, our task was not difficult; everything has been maintained really well.

I do have a few reminders:

  • Please, remember to take home any leftovers you may have whether after hosting or from any other event. Those remaining, should be tagged and dated before placing into the fridge; tags can be found on the fridge door.
  • Please remember to leave both the kitchen and fellowship hall clean and neat. Take home any soiled tablecloths or towels for washing and wipe down and neatly fold the plastic tablecloths before returning to the closet. Plastic tablecloths that are showing their wear can be tossed…I just ask that you send me an email so that I can check the inventory.
  • Ants are always a problem, especially during the spring and summer months. Please check the floors both in the kitchen and fellowship hall for dropped food or spilled drinks.
  • Do not purchase any paper goods or cutlery without checking with me or members of the committee. Coffee and juice cups are always in demand but trust me, we have tons of napkins and plates!
  • Take home any platters or dishes you may have brought from home. We usually place those that are left behind on the counter in the kitchen. However, if left too long, it will be left to the discretion of the committee whether to toss or claim for the church.
  • Hosting, please remember to set up two small tables and chairs for those that need or prefer to sit.
  • Kids…summer is a great time for you to help by either greeting or hosting. Don’t want mom and dad assisting you, ask another adult you are comfortable with if they would be willing to help you out!

Please feel free to share your questions or concerns with either me, or another member of the committee.

Finally, a request to all for help with greeting and hosting. Fall and winter limits some of us from committing but the freedom of summer helps open up new possibilities.  A friendly smile and a warm “hello” is all that is needed to greet. Hosting, a willingness to help, some store-bought or baked cookies, brewing and pouring coffee and juice. No time to purchase cookies or juice, look in the closet for both marked, “Hospitality” and use those!


Thank you to all who donated to the Pentecost Missions project.  We raised $253, of which $121.20 (40%) will go to W.I.N.G.S and the remainder will go to the Presbytery Pentecost Offering. 

As we enter the month of July, we think of the hot summer days and enjoy such luxuries as a swim in the pool, drinking lemonade or iced tea, running through sprinklers, etc to help us cool off.  Unfortunately, there are places in our country where having running water in the house to get a cold glass of water or take a cool shower is not a possibility.  As we’ve done in the past, the Missions committee wanted to focus our summer mission project around providing water for those in need, however this year, we wanted to focus on a need within our country. 

Although it is hard to believe that we have places in America with no running water and/or electricity (Roughly 1.3 million Americans still don’t have hot and cold running water, a bathtub or shower or a working flush toilet. Many more don’t have clean water that’s safe to drink.), it is a reality for over 40% of the homes on the Navajo Indian reservations.  Dig Deep, an organization which started by digging wells and providing water opportunities for third world countries, has a special project to help those in need in our country: The Navajo Water Project.  As you explore this website, you will notice several videos at the bottom of the page which give a lot of information about the project.  One in particular, The Navajo Water Lady, does a great job showing us how the typical family lives each day carrying buckets of water, sometimes several miles, to use in their homes for cleaning, food preparation, drinking, etc.  It also explains how the Navajo cannot use existing water wells because their water beds have been polluted by the Uranium mines, so new wells that go even deeper need to be created.  Besides creating new wells, which cost over $500,000, this project provides houses with indoor plumbing and a gravity-fed water system which gets filled monthly, providing running water for many families.  The organization also has a solar panel project which helps provide electricity to these houses, for many do not have electricity either.  Finally, you see how having running water in the house has had a great, positive impact on the families, and how important our donations are in helping our fellow Americans.

Throughout the month of July, we will be accepting donations for the Navajo Water Project. We will also be having some raffle prizes during Fellowship hour where all of the proceeds will benefit the project.  In the past, we have raised enough money to provide a well for a community in need with just our pocket change that we collected for a month.  Please help us again provide such an opportunity for a community in our country.

Finally, I wanted to end my article by giving you an update on Ashton.  Last month, I had an opportunity to spend a day with Ashton and her family while I was helping my sister in Tucson.  Ashton has grown a lot within a year!  She is doing very well and enjoying her summer break spending time with her family and cousins, and taking care of her horses.  Currently, there are 13 people living in Ashton’s house, for her two oldest sisters and their families are back with them due to loss of jobs, and both of her oldest sisters are expecting babies in August and want to be with family for additional help.  Ashton and her mother share a couch each night, so they were very happy when I treated them to a night at the hotel where we were staying.  Her mom said it was the first night in a long time where she slept through the night.  We also enjoyed swimming at the hotel pool, and Ashton’s mom treated us to some fry bread and corn meal mush the next day for breakfast.  (Both were delicious!)  Below is a picture of Ashton in front of the Canyon de Shelly.  (Notice the Maine South badminton shirt she was wearing- one of the little gifts I was able to bring her, along with a box of books from my school that were being discarded.)  It was a great blessing to be able to see her again this summer, and she looks forward to coming out to visit us in the future.

Thank you, again, for your continuous support and generosity!

Food Pantry

The month of July will bring another food drive for our pantry. The Baptist Church will be bringing us food on Saturday, July 29th @ 11:30AM.  Please give thoughtful consideration to being part of this mission project by coming out and helping to sort the donation.

This drive will not be anywhere near as big as the Letter Carriers’ drive.  It usually is between 250 and 300 bags of food.  It usually takes us about 2 hours to get the job done.  Many hands make light work.  Please mark your calendars and join us.

Buildings and Grounds

Happy Independence Day!

What’s been happening with the Buildings and Grounds the past few weeks?? The dynamic duo of Dick and George made it over to church last week and cleaned the east wall! Thanks, gents!

The courtyard lights are back up and running.  We had a problem with the light sensor which has now been replaced.  Our thanks to Craig Kauth for his continuing work.

Dreams Landscaping was finally able to get their equipment to the north side of the parking lot and cut the grass all the way up to the neighbor’s fences.  The neighbors were thankful for that. We also have a fresh layer of mulch down in the courtyard courtesy of the Clarbour’s.  Thanks you!

 The flying insects have been vanquished for the time being!  If you see anything buggy around the building, please let me know.

Lastly, we have all the flower pots planted in the courtyard.  Hope you enjoy them!



One night a man had a dream.

He dreamed he was walking

along the beach with the Lord.

Scenes from his life flashed across the sky

And he noticed two sets of footprints in the sand,

One belonging to him and the other to the Lord.

When the last scene of his life

 had flashed before him,

He recalled that

at the lowest and saddest times of his life,

there was only one set of footprints.

Dismayed, he asked,

“Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you,

you’d walk with me all the way.

Why then, in the troublesome times of my life,

The times I needed you most,

Would you leave me?”

The Lord replied,

“My precious, precious child,

I love you,  And I would never, ever leave you.

During your times of trial and suffering

When you saw only one set of footprints…

It was then that I was carrying you.”

Author Unknown



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