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Christian Education Corner

Can you believe another Sunday School year is coming to a close?? Join us immediately following the worship service on June 3rd, Celebration Sunday, when we will be celebrating with a Walking Taco luncheon, hosted by the Christian Education committee! We hope to see everyone there!


Thank you to everyone who donated to Ashton’s travel project. We raised around $400.  Eve is still working on a date with Ashton’s mom; they’re having some issues right now, so she might not come out until a later time.  Prayers are appreciated for Ashton & her family.  Also, thank you to everyone who donated towards our Pentecost offering.  The total will be shared in June.

Buildings and Grounds

Greetings All!

What’s been happening in the B&G department?

TruGreen was here to vanquish the dreaded dandelions the week of 5/7. Thanks Clarbour’s for that donation!


The Women’s Tuesday Bible Study group donated 3 new Miss Kim Lilac bushes to the church which were purchased at a nice discounted price by Karen Paquin and planted by yours truly and Dick Dean outside the west wall of Fellowship Hall.   Thanks all for your help on this.


In case you missed it, the Dwarf Magnolia tree donated to the church on behalf of Mary Bentall, sprouted 1 big flower earlier this month!


The Saturday morning men’s breakfast group has made a donation to B&G for some additional outdoor security lighting.  There will be two new lights installed.  One just outside the west wall door in Fellowship Hall and the other to replace the large, old light on the north wall by the stairs. Craig Kauth will be installing these in the coming days, weather permitting. Thanks guys!


The flower pots in the courtyard have also been planted.  They are getting plenty of water to get started.  Now, if we could only stop those pesky squirrels from digging it all out…..

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Food Pantry

We are in the home stretch for the E.G. Parade, June 16th.  I am in need of people who will sit and watch the full food carts while still watching the parade.  I need 3 more.  Also, I need 1 or 2 more to actually push the carts.

Remember this is also advertising our church’s 55th anniversary, so we are encouraging people to get out their blue t-shirts and just walk with us!

Please call Barb Singelmann if you can help out or just walk in the parade.


For those of you who did not have the opportunity to attend this year’s breakfast/luncheon, you missed out on a fun afternoon! We were roughly 15 strong, which was super! I think everyone who attended would agree, the service, the food and most importantly, the camaraderie was good!

Thanks to all who were there, hope to see you again next year!

Business Affairs

We have recently seen a spike in our Nicor bill.  January and February of this year saw a 50% increase on the monthly bills definitely impacting our church budget.  In reviewing our bills, it appears that rate increases and weight charges have caused the higher bills.  Although we can’t control rate changes, we can certainly be aware and conscious of not changing the preset thermostats and turning out lights when a room is unoccupied.   Each of us are stewards of the church expenses, and need to be thoughtful of our utility usage.

Thank you for your watchfulness.

8 Actions You Can Take to Protect Birds Where You Live:

  • Reduce or eliminate pesticide and herbicide use.  By using fewer chemicals in and around your home, you will help keep birds, pets, and your family health
  • Create or protect water sources in your yard – birds need water to drink and bathe, just like we do.  Be sure to keep birdbaths clean and change the water three times per week when mosquitoes are breeding.
  • Identify the non-native invasive plants in your region, and work to remove them from your yard.  And don’t bring any new invasives into your backyard habitat!  Invasives don’t provide as much good food or habitat as natives do and can threaten healthy ecosystems.
  • Make your windows visible to birds to prevent collisions.  Put up screens, close drapes and blinds when you leave the house, or stick multiple decals on the glass (decals need to be no more than 2 to 4 inches apart to be effective).
  • Let your yard get a little messy!  Leave snags for nesting places and stack downed tree limbs to create a brush pile, which is a great source of cover for birds during bad weather.
  • Close your blinds at night and turn off lights you aren’t using.  Some birds use constellations to guide them on their annual migrations, and bright lights from windows and skylights can disrupt their steering senses.
  • Plant native plants. Native flora provides birds with food in the form of fruit and seeds, and is home to tasty invertebrates like bugs and spiders.

    Attract hummingbirds with sugar water, made by combining four parts hot water to one part white sugar, boiled for one to two minutes.  Never use honey, artificial sweeteners, or food coloring.  Clean feeders with a solution of one part white vinegar to four parts water once a week.

    From Audubon Society magazine.   Submitted by Barbara Britton

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Have a Blessed Summer…and Remember…

God and the Church do not take vacation breaks!

Your presence, participation, financial gifts, and time are still most important all year long!


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