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Elk Grove Presbyterian Church

Striving as Christians to make a difference in the world by serving God and all God’s children through our faith, words, and actions


In order to be more visitor friendly, we now have inserts available with the Apostle’s Creed, Doxology, Lord’s Prayer and Gloria Patri.

Any ideas are always welcome. We had an amazing group of helpers for cleaning up the church, and as you can see the church sparkles.  

Thanks to all.

Val Heller



A great big THANK YOU to everyone who donated to One Great Hour of Sharing!

We will begin collecting Pentecost Offering on May 5th and will collect through Pentecost.  

Susannah was able to get some dates for us to help package food at Feed My Starving Children.  The date we chose was Thursday, May 23rd   I have sent out an e-mail to our church family, including our families with children who have left for other churches.  The kids really enjoyed participating in this.   If we don’t get enough people who are able to go, we will shoot for a different date in June.

We are looking into partnering with Carter Westminster Church on a Missions project for the Lydia Home in Chicago.  Rev. Barbara and I will be looking into adopting a school here in the village to help provide them with school supplies in the fall.  Stay tuned…………………………

Blessings to all,


Women’s Bible Study

We are learning about Paul and the early church studying Romans, using Wiersbe’s “Be Right” book.  We always have room for more ladies.  Join us!  This very fun group of women meet every Tuesday 9:30-11:00 am.

We have ordered a plaque to remember the Bible Study ladies in Heaven.  It will be by their lilac bushes.

We have also discussed and brought to session the idea to put rainbow ribbons on our church sign to show that all are welcome.  The idea was discussed after the recent Methodist vote that resulted in strengthening restrictions and punitive actions toward the LGBTQ community. Many of our fellow Methodist churches are displaying rainbows to show inclusiveness.

Val Heller

Pastoral Care

 We are here to help and care for each other, and we do a fabulous job.  It always warms my heart to see how we respond whenever there is a need.  Our whole congregation is a loving church family and a blessing to each of us as well as to those who visit us.  

 Let us know of any need or idea you have.  We are always open. 

 And continue to pray for each person who is recovering, sick, grieving, or facing uncertainty.  Prayer works. 


Val Heller


Christian Ed

Our Lenten Study was a HIT!!!  Thank you again to Bob Gorsky for leading the study!   The turnout and participation for this study was so encouraging.    We began a project on Sunday April 28th on the history of our church and where we all have come from.  This is an opportunity for Rev. Barbara to get to know each of us and the church better.

Celebration Sunday is on June 2nd with a Walking Taco Lunch. This year we will be celebrating

Ben Jasutis who is graduating from High School.

Be Blessed,


Food Pantry Drive May 11 – Help Needed

This year the Letter Carrier’s Food Drive is on May 11.  As it works out, I am having foot surgery May 8 and will not be able to head up the drive this year.  We need all of you that have ever worked a food drive to help out.  We will again serve Pizza from Vinie’s at 6PM.  I especially need someone to oversee the pantry itself as the food is brought back to be put on the shelves.  This is our most important drive for the year and it is exciting to see all the food that comes in.  MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT THE WORK.  At the close of the day, we have to make sure that Fellowship Hall is cleaned up and the extra tables put away so that we can have Fellowship hour on Sunday.


Barb Singelmann

The End of Another Choir Season

 Wowie, it is another end of another choir year.  We started in early September and June 2nd will be our last Sunday to sing.   It has been an incredible year.  We need to thank the support we get from everyone.  The choir does work hard, we take a lot of pride in our music, our message and the knowledge that we are singing God’s praises.   There is a warm feeling when we sing.  Maybe God is smiling.  We have been told that our Christmas Cantata this year was, maybe, our best.  Our numbers are small.  Smaller than we would like.  The secret is that we also have a lot of fun.  We are always willing to welcome anyone to come and join in the fun.

There are plans in the works for music over the summer.  If you might be interested let Val, Barb Singelmann or Mark Barnett know.

We love you all,

Your Choir


If you are ordering anything from Amazon, please go to and follow the prompts so that EGPC receives a percentage of your purchase from them! 

Every little bit helps – Thank you!

Our Garden

Barbara Gorsky, under the direction of Nancy Clarbour, will be planting and making our garden beautiful.

If anyone has any perennials to donate, they would be greatly appreciated.

What Makes a Church?

What factors determine whether a church is powerful or weak? Oftentimes people make such evaluations based on appearances and human reasoning rather than on God’s Word.

For instance, large congregations with dynamic worship services and programs for every age and interest group look impressive. Or a church could be viewed as powerful because of its prominent location, a big budget, or the pastor with a magnetic personality. In contrast, small churches—especially those with few members, a rural setting, and little money—are often considered lesser.

The point is that we can’t judge a church’s strength or weakness based on outward factors like size, location, prosperity, or prominence. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians points out that a strong church is one that is founded on the message of the cross and grounded in God’s wisdom rather than the world’s wisdom.

God’s power is given to the church for His purposes, not for human agendas. And it isn’t a persuasive sermon but the gospel of Christ that saves souls. Some pastors may be able to manipulate people, but only God’s Spirit brings the genuine conviction of sin that leads to repentance and salvation.

For divine power to flow into and through a local body, that church must hold firmly to Scripture. What’s more, it cannot use techniques derived from worldly thinking but must rely on God’s direction.

A faith community cannot be powerful unless the people within it are individually faithful to Christ and empowered by Him. This means our commitment to Jesus affects our churches for better or for worse.

Respectfully Submitted by Helen Robles


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