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You are welcome to purchase flowers for the communion table on any Sunday. Why might you want to do this? To celebrate your anniversary or other personal or family event. To celebrate the birthday, passing or another event of a loved one.  Or sometimes just because you’d like to do it for another event…or even no event at all. You may choose your own date. We have occasionally had two floral arrangements on the same Sunday.

The cost is $15. The flowers come from the same Arlington Heights florist who provides our Christmas poinsettias and our Easter lilies and other flowers.  We’d prefer you put your payment in a separate envelope to be found in the pew rack, though you can include it in your regular envelope. Please note on the check and on the envelope that it is in payment for the floral arrangement and the date the flowers were in church. Then place it in the offering plate. If you have not had enough time before or during the service to complete this, you can find the counters after church and directly give them the payment and information. We appreciate having this information ahead of time.

We would like to know who is being honored with the flowers and what the event is. This will be included in the bulletin.  This helps us to celebrate or commemorate the person and event that prompted you to donate the flowers.

I hope you will find this a relatively easy process and that it will provide yet another opportunity for us to enter into each other’s joys and sorrows as part of the body of Christ.


Pastoral Care

Thanks to those of you who purchased plants to beautify our sanctuary on Easter Sunday and to those who donated their plants to our friends designated by our committee – your generosity and thoughtfulness are appreciated.

Your session has agreed to begin serving communion in the homes of those who are unable to take part in this meaningful sacrament in church.  Any active or non-active session member may take part in this.  We will most likely be “pairing up” when the need arises.  A few active session members have expressed interest in doing this.  Rev. Lynne has a travel communion kit and info for us to use.  Please let Lynne or me know if you are interested in volunteering.

Happy Spring!



Once again we are renewed. After the six long weeks of Lent and the depths of the Good Friday service, we emerged into the glories of Easter celebration. There was music. There were flowers in abundance. 

The church had just been cleaned the day before Easter. Not just a quick dusting and more thorough vacuuming, but a real cleaning. All the banners were down for Good Friday. Do you know how heavy some of those banners are to take all the way to Fellowship Hall and then back again the next day? Vacuuming experts gave the once-over to each of the banners, carefully around the embellishments, and looking for any stitches that might need repair. And if the vacuuming of the banners was a challenge, so was rehanging each of them on the high holders in the sanctuary. I hope you noticed the white scale removed from the bricks to the left of the pulpit. The clear baffle over the piano received its once a year cleaning. Dust is gone from the top of hymnbooks, especially those close to the walls. The sanctuary is renewed.

That was preparation. The actual Easter Day was full of familiar songs….and the familiar story. We were glad that so many of you were there to celebrate with us.



Thank you to everyone who donated to One Great Hour of Sharing.  We raised $960.  Our next Mission project will be collecting donations for Pentecost, which is on June 4th.


Christian Education Corner

 A big thank you to everyone for supporting the children during their Easter activities in the past month! Just a reminder to mark your calendars for Celebration Sunday, which will take place on June 4th.  The children are busy preparing class presentations and the Christian Education committee will be hosting a walking taco luncheon immediately following worship to celebrate the close of the Sunday School year. We hope to see you there!


Buildings and Grounds May 2017

 Greetings all,

We have sprung into spring quickly this year! The trees and flowers are in full blossom mode right now and it makes for an awesome show.  Not so good if you have allergies though.

The B&G committee has been busy sprucing up in and around the building. Thanks to Dick Dean and George Lopez for cleaning the east wall in the sanctuary before the Easter service.  They have also been on the roof inspecting the scuppers and down-spouts.  Dreams Landscaping was here and did the spring cleaning before Easter as well.  They will begin cutting the grass by 5/1. We will also be spraying the dandelions this week.  Thanks Burt Clarbour for arranging and donating the funds for that.

Some upcoming projects for the summer are to do some planting of flowers and power-washing the concrete wall surrounding the courtyard.

Calling all B&G Deputies (this means you). I’ve had a few complaints regarding the trash accumulating around the grounds. It has been very windy this spring which just blows other people’s garbage into our lot.  There’s also a bunch of people who drive thru our lot or use our lot as their lunch spot and have been known to deposit trash out their windows. Since there is no way of knowing who is responsible for garbage that lands on our property, the B&G committee would like to ask for your assistance. If you are walking thru the lot and see some garbage, please if you are able, pick it up and throw it away inside.  Thank you!

Red for Pentecost!

 The liturgical color for Pentecost is red to remind us of the fire of the Holy Spirit that came to the people on that first Pentecost Day.  As we remember and celebrate Pentecost, the Session encourages everyone in the congregation to WEAR RED on June 4th, Pentecost, that we might all be visible reminders to one another of the importance of that day.  Besides, it will look GREAT! 



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