Newsletter- Tidings

Choir Startup

 We need to thank the people who supplied the Special Music over the summer months.  We had fewer participants than last year but the selections were  varied.  Many of them were new numbers.  Most of all we need to remember Marge Frens who was influential in the selections, rehearsal, and even purchase of the music that we heard these past few months.

This brings us to the 2017-18 choir season.  Our numbers are dwindling fast.  We are in need of voices.  Our first rehearsal is September 7 at the usual 8:00 PM. Our first Sunday back will be September 10.  Combined with it being Rally Day it should prove to be an exciting day for our church.

Music has been an important part of our worship for many years.  If it is to continue we need support.  So if you are an active member of the choir, bring a friend, if you think you might enjoy singing God’s praises come and join us.  There is a wonderful feeling that is really hard to describe when you sing praise to God.   Please consider joining us.

Christian Education Corner

On September 3rd, Carter Strilich and Jazmyn Johnston took their first Communion. It was a joy to be a part of this special day and attend the Fellowship Hour in their honor.

Fall is right around the corner and that means the start of a new Sunday School year! This year we will have one Sunday School class as well as a confirmation class. Classes begin this  Sunday, September 10th, which is also Rally Day! Please join us this day as we celebrate the beginning of a new year with a pizza and salad luncheon hosted by the Christian Education committee!


Thank you to everyone who donated to the Pine Avenue food collection and to the Navajo Water Project.  We raised $363 for the Navajo Water Project, which is equivalent to supplying one family with a solar panel for electricity plus a sink, faucet and pipe fittings.  Thank you for your generosity this summer!

DNR Info 101

Did you know the once upon a time simple DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) Form has now become VERY complex with multiple choices to a simple question?  To help us find our way through this maze, Rev. Beth Collier of Alexian Brothers Medical Center will join us after worship on Sunday, October 15 for a brown bag lunch (Session will provide beverage and dessert) followed by an explanation of the new form.  We’ll have time for questions so that all of us can feel better about these very important decisions as they relate to ourselves and our loved ones.  Please plan to join us!



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