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Get Ready to Celebrate!!  Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 9th!! We have many things to celebrate, including Rally Day, Confirmation and the church’s 55th Anniversary! What a special day! The Christian Education and Hospitality committees will be joining forces to host a potluck luncheon immediately following the church service. We hope to see everyone there!


Thank you, again, to everyone who helped make Ashton’s trip to Chicago possible.  She and her family had a good time making Monkey Bread and Friendship bracelets with Katie, Carter, Tracy, and Rev. Lynne.  They also enjoyed visiting the church and sharing part of their culture with their corn mush.  If you enjoyed the corn mush, there is a recipe for it on the Aunt Jemima corn meal packages.  Ashton will be starting 8th grade on July 31, so please send positive prayers for a good school year for her and her family.

For the month of August, Missions will once again be doing a collection for Pine Avenue.  We will be collecting food starting on August 12th through Rally Day.  Shopping lists and a display will be up by the office within the first weeks of August.

Also in August, the Food Pantry will be the beneficiary of a fundraiser by a new Potbelly’s sandwich shop that will be opening in Elk Grove soon.  We are still waiting to get the exact date, however, the fundraiser is that all of their sandwiches on that particular date will cost $5 and all proceeds will benefit the Food Pantry.  We will let you know when we find out the actual date and ask that you help spread the word, as well as enjoy a sandwich to help us out.

On another note, as the Clerk of Session, I wanted to let you know that we received a handwritten Thank You note from the Presbytery Administration thanking us for paying our Per Capita.  That note, as well as a Thank You note from W.I.N.G.S will be on the Missions board for you to view.

As always, thank you for your generosity of time, talents, and donations to our Mission projects.  Sadly, I received an email today from Chic-fil-A stating that they will be retiring the Cow calendars, so we will need to find another fundraiser this year to raise money for the Heifer Foundation.  If you have any suggestions, please contact Eve Muir-Wilson.


Have you noticed the small table just to the right of the middle doors leading into the sanctuary with the sign that reads, “Welcome?” The purpose for the table is to make sure everyone entering the sanctuary after worship has started will have a bulletin.

So, greeters, as you are about to enter the sanctuary to worship, please place any remaining bulletins on the table and check off the new line item added to the checklist.

Thanks again to all who continue to greet as well as host on Sunday mornings. They may seem like such small things in comparison to, say the sermon, but they’re really not.

That smile you extend to someone as they enter the church may be the first caring moment someone has experienced in some time, and that cup of coffee you hand out may be the first opportunity for a person to sit and speak to others. It’s the little things that we do that make the biggest difference in someone’s life!


There are a growing number of utility scams by unsuspecting customers.  Here are some tips to help you avoid being the victim of a scam.

  • Com Ed representatives will never call or show up in person to ask you for cash or request that you purchase a prepaid credit card to make a payment on a bill.
  • Never provide your Social Security number or other personal information to someone who initiates contact.
  • Always ask to see a company ID.
  • Be skeptical of people wearing clothing with old or defaced logos.

How it Works

Scammers are clever and will call you from an untraceable phone number; your caller ID may display that the call is coming from ComEd.  Sometimes scammers will ask you for personal information like your account number or for you to call them back at a different phone number with a prepaid credit card and PIN numbers.  Do not return the imposter’s phone call.

Scammers may also visit your home or place of business, claiming to be a ComEd employee.  They will threaten to shut off your service and ask you to make a direct payment through a money transfer or prepaid credit card.

If you have concerns about the status of your account, call ComEd’s Service line at 800-334-7661.

If you believe that you have been the target of a phone scam, ComEd urges you to contact the Illinois Attorney General’s office at 800-386-5438 (TTY 800-964-3013) or visit and select the “Protecting Customers” link.

Quote from flyer included in current ComEd billing.

Submitted by:  Barbara Britton


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