February Newsletter

Feb 1, 2020

February Birthdays

03 – Sandy Doerr
03 – Helen Robles
08 – Iris Hohe
12 – Courtney Olson
21 – Lois Thompson
27 – Jason Doss

Per Capita for 2020

Thank you to those who have already paid their 2020 Per Capita. For those that have not, your Per Capita for 2020 is $36.00 per member, not household. Per Capita is a set amount of money per member that congregations pay to the larger Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). It is a Presbyterian Covenant Community Fund — part of the glue that holds Presbyterians together. Because every Presbyterian shares in the benefit of the PC(USA)’s system of government, the expenses associated with coordinating and performing the functions of that system should be shared by everyone as well.

Christian Education

Our Les Mis, James & Soup Study Series that began on Sunday, January 12th is going very well. Thank you again to Bob Gorsky for leading this. Our turnout has been great!

Please consider joining us for our Lenten Study beginning on March 1st after our morning service. The book titled “Forgiveness” by Marjorie J. Thompson will have us taking a closer look at our understanding of forgiveness and examining both our ability to forgive and our own need for forgiveness.

Be Blessed,

Christian Education

We had another successful Family Game Night in January! We had a nice turnout and a good time was had by all.

Please consider joining us on February 4th, for Movie Night! Title of movie TBA…….

FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN!!! We have a date! Wednesday, February 12th at 6pm. Please consider joining us for a fun time while volunteering for a great cause!

The session is working on ideas on what our church can do to offer some support to Hashi and his family as well as ways we can reach out to our neighbors in the Industrial Park. We’d like to invite them to our church as well as let them know about our food pantry in the event there may be some folks who need some help. If you have any ideas, please let a session member know!

Blessings to all,


Pastoral Care

Our church continues to do such an amazing job of caring for each other. Our church is where we can come with all our fears, sadness, and joys and share with people that care. The love of this church is a blessed gift from our loving God. Thank you to each one of you for praying for those on our prayer list. We are a church that prays for each other and our neighborhood.

Remember to take and share Care Notes on the table in the Narthex .

We keep a birthday list of all who are part of our church family. If we don’t have your birthday, please let Val Heller know or leave a note on the friendship pad. And if you aren’t on our email list, and would like to be, add it on the friendship pad.

Val Heller


Thank you to everyone who signs up to help with Worship, Greeting, Ushering, Communion and all those who step in when there is a need, and for those who join us in church. We are truly blessed.

Every Sunday we are full of love, hope, caring and God and the Holy Spirit. Sharing God’s love is a great way to start our week.

February Upcoming Events:

2/4 7:00 pm Movie Night

2/11 7:00 pm Session Meeting

2/13 10:30-12:30 Small Church Forum put on
by Presbytery – we are hosting

2/26 7:00 pm Ash Wednesday Service

2/29 5-7:30 Carnival of Exceptional

Val Heller

Women’s Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study meets every Tuesday from 9:30-11am. We are having a wonderful study about the Holy Spirit, called “The Forgotten God” by Francis Chan. As always great sharing and discussion and learning. We always have room for more ladies. Please think about joining us. We even have coffee. And candy.

Val Heller

Treasurer’s Report


Information thru December 31, 2019

INCOME: Both our Pledged income and Total income for the month of December was fantastic. Our Pledge income was up by over $4,500 and our Total income was over budget by about $12,000. This was mainly due to unpledged contributions of over $6,800. In addition to the above our Food Pantry received gifts of over $2,000. Our Congregation and the community become very generous during the Christmas Season.

EXPENSES: Our expenses for the month of December were way OVER budget by a little over $2,900; however, our year to date was UNDER by a little over $7,000. Our Session is doing a wonderful job of holding down our expenses.

SUMMARY: Our expenses to date have exceeded our income by a little over $7,700 but so far this is much lower than what we budgeted for at the beginning of the year.

Thank you for your continuing generous financial support of this Church and its various missions.


Bob Russow