Holy Week Services & Events

Palm Sunday Worship & Brunch

April 10th

Worship @ 10:15am
Brunch @ 11:30am

Neighbors, friends, and families of Elk Grove Village. You are invited to come and join us for a time of fellowship and food at our Palm Sunday Brunch. Come just as you are…no reservations are needed. We hope to share with you about our outreach ministries trying to make a difference in the lives of others.

All are welcome!!

Good Friday Service

April 15th, 7pm

Tenebrae Service with a darkening of the sanctuary to remember the darkness of this night.

Come join us for our Good Friday Service. On this Good Friday, we grieve the violence of humanity. And yet amid this unbearable violence, we see God’s love is present, God’s love is poured out as a sacrifice to be witnessed by all. Jesus is overflowing with truth that reveals our human experiences; the truth of our experiences of pain, suffering and great sorrow. Good Friday is the day to claim our own cup of sorrow and hold that cup tightly until joy comes.

Easter Sunday Worship

April 17th, 10:15am

Come join us for our Easter Sunday Service. In the Luke Gospel, women are the first to discover the empty tomb. They are stunned by the presence and words of the men in in dazzling clothing, but they remember, they remember the words of Jesus. Their imaginations and hearts expand, as they send word to others. Peter is curious enough to return to the tomb. Can we be curious enough to return and remember? Can we allow ourselves to be filled with expansive hope? Can we trust in the expansive promise of new life, and carry that promise with us wherever we go?

Come and join us in fulfilling our call to live into the expansive promise of new life!

Recent Sermons

“After the Goodbyes”

“After the Goodbyes”

Our sermon passage this morning is one I am very familiar with…I have used this particular passage many, many times. But this time when I read it, I was a bit surprised, it almost seems out of place, out of sequence here in the gospel of John. We are still in Eastertide remembering the empty tomb, and just three chapters earlier, we have been hearing about life, abundant life, life that comes with knowing Christ.

“Abundant Life”

“Abundant Life”

The passage this morning takes place when Jesus is talking to the Pharisees, now the Pharisees have often been at odds with Jesus. To you and me this story about shepherds and sheep does not relate much to our lives, but the Pharisees would have a connection and could easily relate to what Jesus is talking about.

“Hope & Expectations”

“Hope & Expectations”

The passage we are reading this morning is about the second appearance of Jesus after his death of resurrection. The gospel of Luke is the only gospel that contains this story. This scripture passage begins with, “now on that same day,” which means it is the same day that we have talked about the past two weeks, the same day of Mary’s discovering the empty tomb, the same day as Jesus appearing to his disciples behind closed doors and now Jesus present to two disciples as they walked to Emmaus, a journey taking them about 7 miles from Jerusalem.