The Food Pantry

About the Food Pantry

The Elk Grove Presbyterian Church Food Pantry is housed in and managed by our church, and is dedicated to helping Elk Grove residents who are experiencing difficult financial times. These residents include single parent families, two-parent families, the elderly, and temporarily or permanently disabled persons who are referred to us by the staff of the Elk Grove Community Service Office.

Currently we are providing food for about 20 households. Over 30% of them are children under the age of 18 and 40% are single person households.

Food Pantry Volunteers

You should know about how many people it takes to run this very successful mission outreach operation: No less than 15 volunteers every week plus 3 shoppers, a record keeper and someone to write thank you letters! Most of our volunteers are members of this church but not all. You are invited to join us any Thursday afternoon to see the pantry in action.

Barb Singlemann – Pantry Coordinator
Barbara Britton – Corresponding Secretary
Kathy Lopez – Recording Secretary
Jan Fall – Treasurer

Jan Fall, Donna Stall, Betsy Curtin, Sherie Shapiro, Fran Messina, Janet Defelice, and Marty Vela who is from Community Services.

Bob & Melodee Russow, Derek & Tim Oswald

Danny Schultz ( for 10years) and his friend Zak

Rick Heller, Helen Robles, Nancy & Bert Clarbour, Kathy Lopez, Barb Britton, Jan Fall, Donna Stall, Kristi Thompson & Barb Wilson (who helps in many ways)

Marilyn Lorch, Jan Bailey, Jo Gray, Pat Frey, Kathy Lopez & Nancy Clarbour

Food Pantry News

You’re Never Too Young to Make a Difference!

You’re Never Too Young to Make a Difference!

Jorja just turned 10 and when asked how she wanted to celebrate her birthday, her response was not what you would expect to hear from a 10-year-old.  Jorja said that she wanted friends and family to drive by her house and drop off food that she could donate to the...

New Fridge for the Food Pantry!

New Fridge for the Food Pantry!

Thanks to Lisa from Home Depot and the folks at Jewel Food Store in Elk Grove Village, our Food Pantry can now provide eggs for our families!

Thank You Cumberland Circle Neighbors!

Thank You Cumberland Circle Neighbors!

Our neighbors from Cumberland Circle got together and collected non-perishables to donate to our Food Pantry! We are so blessed to be part of a wonderful community of people! [dss_masonry_gallery images="1242,1243" _builder_version="4.4.3"...

The Elk Grove Village Administration Building Food Drive is in Full Swing!

The Elk Grove Village Administration Building Food Drive is in Full Swing!

Every year the Elk Grove Village Administration Building runs a food drive for one month in late January/February. They run it as a competition between departments. The food is brought over to the pantry weekly during the month long food drive. Items donated have point values and the department that accumulates the most points at the end of the drive is rewarded with a pizza lunch.

Thank You Mid-West Moving and Storage

Thank You Mid-West Moving and Storage

Mid-West Moving & Storage donated a stunning 784 pounds of food to the food pantry as part of their Fill a Truck Food Drive! Our deepest thanks to all who donated, and to Mid-West Moving & Storage for organizing and collecting such an astounding amount of...

Thank you Mikerphone Brewing!

Thank you Mikerphone Brewing!

Big thanks to Mikerphone Brewing who came by and dropped off a huge van full of food and hygiene products for our food pantry. Thank you to everyone who donated, and thank you to Mikerphone Brewing for holding the drive and spreading the word about the important work...


Our pantry was initiated in 1988 by Karen Bolin and Ed & Doris May. It opened on December 1st, 1988 with a grant from the Presbyterian Synod of Lincoln Trails. The Community Service coordinator of Elk Grove agreed to screen clients and refer them to us. This continues to this day, leaving us out of deciding who is eligible for our services.

The pantry room was built in the mid 70’s to house items for the Township Day Care Center. The center outgrew our fellowship hall and moved to its present location.

This left an empty room. The pantry converted it to our use. Substantial shelving was provided by the Clarbours and Arlington Structural Steel. No Church funds have been used for this project and in fact the food pantry pays for pest control, garbage and recycling costs as well as a portion of electricity, heat, etc. based on an estimate of our use.

Initially we purchased food from the Northern Illinois Food Bank for 12 cents/lb. We have not needed to do that since 2006.

The Food Pantry Annual Report


  • The pantry opened December 1, 1988. We have been serving hungry families for 31 years!
  • In 2018 we served an average of 47 different households, and 183 different persons in a month.
  • In 2019 we served and average of 55 different households, and 187 different persons per month.


  • The food donation from the Letter Carriers Drive was just over 8,500 lbs in May.
  • The November & December donations of food by local businesses, service clubs and organizations, churches, public institutions, individuals, and families were very generous (about 3,000 lbs)!
  • Summarily, our financial report is in the black, even though financial donations have been a bit down. Our financial donations are used to buy seldom donated items & fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as garbage collection, food store gift cards, and donations to Pine Ave. Church


In November we started helping the new Harper College Food Pantry and will continue to help them on a quarterly basis. Many of their students came to school hungry. More information about this will be available soon.

We are blessed to have generous support from the community who run several food drives throughout the year and we always welcome new donations from new individuals, families, and organizations.

This year we received financial donations from: First Baptist Church of Elk Grove, Holy Spirit Church, Christus Victor, Character Counts Coalition, and Prince of Peace. Prince of Peace now houses a community garden and we receive a portion of that produce. Christus Victor continues to have a garden and the produce comes to us. This is just a small example of our many contributors.