Jorja just turned 10 and when asked how she wanted to celebrate her birthday, her response was not what you would expect to hear from a 10-year-old.  Jorja said that she wanted friends and family to drive by her house and drop off food that she could donate to the Food Pantry.   She wanted to do this in honor of her neighbor, Mr. Ryan who had passed away due to COVID-19.  Her mother said that she stopped counting at 45 cars and could not believe the outpouring of support.   When her mother was asked where Jorja came up with this idea, she told us the story of Charli, Jorja’s younger sister.  Charli has had multiple hospitalizations and so for her birthday Charli had asked for unwrapped presents, not for herself, but to donate to Lurie’s Children’s Hospital, the same hospital that cared for her.  Young Jorja and Charlie really understand the true meaning of community and have made more of an impact than they probably know.